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The Office Refit

Paint pots and brushes

Remember me introducing you to the office refit project i’m working on?


Yes, that’s the one. Well things are moving forward rather nicely now. And i’ve got stuff to show you.

I’m working with Visibilis, an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency. It’s my first dip into working in a commercial premises, but it’s good and am enjoying the experience of scaling up! The team of staff has reached capacity at their current office space prompting the move to a new, larger purpose-built office space in a swanky part of Leeds City Centre. So swanky in fact, you need a small bank loan to be able to afford the parking outside.

Anyway, enough about me and my parking issues…


My brief:

  • Personalise the space.
  • Solve layout. Plan an office that can hold 12 desk spaces.
  • Use two existing Ikea desks and office chairs
  • Include space for wall monitor.
  • Add colour. But something light. Scandinavian style seemed to be ticking the boxes.
  • Source affordable lighting that didn’t take up desk space or need wiring in.
  • Add a break out area.
  • Include space for an industrial style standing desk & stools.
  • Keep the whole project in budget. A rather modest budget for a space this size.

Before I could do anything, layout needed to be sorted. This was key. The room is long and thin with a large structural support in the centre. This pillar, although highly necessary, ya know for the room to stay standing, it really limited layout options. But I knew it could be done.


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.50.52

After much wiggling and jiggling of pieces, this is the completed room layout to scale. And below is what’s going in.

  • Lots of Ikea pieces, because Ikea does great functional yet stylish office furniture. On budget. With no lead times. Big tick.
  • A range of art from my new fave place for affordable art, Desenio. I invited each one of the Visibilis team to pick a piece they liked giving us a great personalised mix of artwork.
  • The Industrial standing desk, stools and wall crate storage from La Redoute, bagged during their 40% off weekend.
  • The Clerkenwell wall lights x 8.
  • And the gorgeous Jarle blue sofa from Bluesuntree.


Some of the furniture has arrived already and there has been a frenzy of flat packing going on these last two weeks. During which time I’d honed down the colour palette for the room. It was clear from our very first meeting we were going with a Scandi vibe. Light toned pastels with soft greys to anchor it all. It was time for Pantone’s Colours of the Year, ladies and gents.

My take on Pantone’s Colour of the Year included:


Clockwise from top left: Crown “Pashmina”, Dulux “Granite Grey”, Home of Colour “Morning Haze”, Dulux “Blissful Blue”, Crown “Lupin”.

And what do you get when you put all of this together?

Visibilis Mood Board

“The Visibilis Mood Board”

But that’s not all. Yesterday, I went to get started on the design work for one of the walls. These guys were well up for some crazy ass paint design and I was more than happy to oblige. Love my job!


First thing’s first. 6 Music on.


Mark up your design with a spirit level, mask with Frog Tape and select a colour for each segment of your geometric wall.




Mark each section with your planned colour. Spread the weight and tone of each colour evenly across the whole wall, making sure it’s not colour heavy on one side. Make any changes you need to at this point. It’s fine to change your mind. It’s only paint.


Carefully remove the Frog Tape whilst each painted section is still wet. It’s a very long and detailed process. This sized wall took me a whole day, but I think it was worth it.


And this is as much as you’re getting to see right now. It’s not quite finished just yet, tiny bits left to touch up but I think you get the idea.


So what do you think of the office refit so far? Talk to me.



  1. It’s looking fabulous, dahlink. Really cool – and so nice to see extreme use of everyday affordable stuff to help you stay in budget. Amazing what you can do with a lick (or 300) of paint and some practical items from our perennial fave, Ikea! The geometric wall is epic. Can’t wait to see the final reveal and I bet they’re thrilled with it already! Jill x

    • Thanks very much Jill. Really glad you like it. They’ve only seen a photo so far I think… but they liked the picture, so it bodes well that they’ll like it IRL as it were. And yeah – Ikea rocks!x

  2. Absolutely stunning. I think the pastel-tones against the black lines in some of the furniture is really modern and fresh, and I LOVE that you’ve gone all geometric on the walls. Those lines dude – so crisp. What a pro 😉
    Can’t wait to see the big reveal xx

    • Thanks so much Karen. It’s coming together now. A bit of a step away from what i’m used to but I think you can see a bit of Making Spaces in there now. And yes, “Crisp Lines Mc Gee” that’s what they call me around these parts 🙂 x

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