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My concrete wall

As you may remember, I’m currently running a project involving magnetic plaster. The decorating, design and finishing for that project begins tomorrow, yes on a Bank Holiday. That’s what you call commitment.


 Thistle Magnetic Plaster, by British Gypsum’s “Rooms Made For You”

I mentioned in that latest post how much I LOVED the colour of this magnetic plaster when dried. A most gorgeous concrete colour with subtle detail and organic nuances in tone. I also mentioned I was going to have one of these magnetic, concrete coloured walls of my very own. My exact words; “It shall be MINE.”  I wasn’t lying.

Dining Room After

I’ve always been drawn to industrial, raw and stripped back design. My dining room wall has been like this for years. I stripped the wallpaper right off, seven months pregnant, a week after moving in… and left it. Much to everyone’s confusion. Now you can easily pick up effect wallpapers that mimic this exact look, I wrote a post about that over here last year.

Anyway, back to the magnetic wall…. What I didn’t mention in my last post is I’d already booked the plasterer. And it was done this week.

Would you like to see my new magnetic, concrete coloured office wall?



It was so easy to get this look. The plaster was allowed to dry thoroughly. Took about three days in total. The adjacent walls were masked up around the edges with low-tack Frog Tape (the yellow one), then very carefully cleaned to remove any excess plaster and cut back in with white paint to give the plastered wall a crisp, clean edge.


That was about it. The wall is now left to do its thing. A) Look stunning B) act as my new magnetic wall.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a bit of a freak about bare plastered walls. They’re so tactile, smooth and silky – I feel a little sad when they’re painted over.


The beautiful grey tones are a real additional selling point for this magnetic plaster. And each wall will be different, unique. Don’t we all like to have something nobody else has? I bloody do.


It will be interesting to see how well the wall fares without being sealed. I have this theory you see; as an interior designer, for me to be able to recommend design ideas to you, it’s only fair that I test them out myself first. So in the name of good design, here I am, being a guinea pig. You can thank me later.


My favourite bit of wall…. (yes I have a favourite bit of wall). It’s like a lightening bolt striking the exploding head below. A-ha, and now it’s begun, the “cloud spotting”. Finding new shapes and images in the wall. Excellent.


My 99p charity shop find. The ceramic crumpled cup. The lady who served me said she nearly threw it away because she thought someone left it on the shelf. Oops.


I love how the wall enhances the raw materials used to make my OSB desk. You can read all about my desk DIY over here.


So then, be honest. Do you like? Dislike? Not sure? Go on, sock it to me. I can take it.



PS. I’ve had a few comments from people asking if a bare plastered wall would be suitable for a kitchen or bathroom… well in short, no. No it wouldn’t. If you touch the wall, it’s still chalky and powdery. It also absorbs moisture readily, so really not ideal for any areas with water, steam or places that need wiping down. You will basically be wiping your wall away. If you wanted to achieve this look, but make it more practical and add to its longevity, I advise coating it with a matt, clear sealer. Something like this. Hope this helps peeps!


  1. Love love love it. Love the colour, love the texture, love the fact it’s magnetic. Do you think it would fare well in a kitchen? Or would it need to be sealed?

    • Thanks Stacey. Really glad you like it. And yes it would definitely need to be clear sealed for a kitchen or bathroom. Or anywhere that was high traffic i’d say. It still absorbs water so wouldn’t fare well at all with steam or owt….

  2. Its fabulous! Love the whole industrial chic thing you have going on in your office. And the fact that you had the cahonies to rock an unfinished, stripped wall in your dining area before anyone else was doing it. Wicked!

    • Yay! Thanks Jill. I bloody love my dining room wall. If anyone ever touches that with paint I will hunt them down!! 🙂

  3. It looks smashing, Karen! So gorgeous and so cool to have a magnetic wall! Was the wall plastered straight over the paint? Love that lightning bolt above the exploding head art too!

  4. kate says

    I love this Karen – beautiful and tactile plus it’s magnetic? What’s not to love! xx

  5. Ive been trying to convince hubs to go for this and looking at your fabulous shots, I can’t believe is not going to LOVE it! Thank you for being the gunea pig-looks brilliant and I need to know how it fares without sealing. We were thinking of the kitchen for one of the walls….??!!

    • Oh good. Glad to have helped Caroline. You will DEFINITELY need to seal it for any areas that get wet or take any hammering (hallways etc..), so if you do decide to do this in a kitchen, find a matt, clear sealant to keep it from flaking and absorbing moisture!

  6. carolepoirot says

    Totally love it! The concrete and the finish look amazing and the fact that it’s magnetic is really quite cool. Big thumbs up from me 😉 x

  7. babybudgeting says

    So interesing would never have thought of this but I do like it

  8. It’s absolutely amazing, Karen. And I’m with you … not a drop of paint would cover that beautiful grey. It’s definitely a plaster that I’d consider when we redo our walls. Pretty genius really, isn’t it?

  9. Ahh that is super cool and the fact it’s magnetic as well just pushes it into ultra-cool-ville. That’s totally a place. Love how it works with the raw look of your desk as well! xxx

  10. Victoria says

    I had not seen magnetic plaster before, and now it’s something I *must* have! This would go so well in a ‘rustic luxe’ design, sharing space with wood, brick and stone. Thank you so much for introducing me to it! One question: If you put the matte sealer on it, will it still be magnetic?

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