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The Magnetic Wall – Pt 1

Huzzah! A new project has landed and it’s gona be a good ‘un.

I’m re-designing a playroom. Always fun. AND getting to try out some Thistle Magnetic Plaster, by British Gypsum’s “Rooms Made For You” range. Double fun.

Magnetic Wall Nick Jones Secondary.jpg

Pic – Rooms Made For You

Heard of Magnetic Plaster before? No? Well let me fill you in.

“Thistle Magnetic Plaster is a gypsum finish plaster for use on a wide range of backgrounds. It provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface which attracts magnets to internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for the application of decorative finishes.”

It’s got so many uses; for display, work, playing and learning. A Magnetic Wall instantly gives any space a whole new lease of life. Here’s the plan for the playroom.


The Playroom

It’s actually attached to my recently completed Sherwood Forest project. And you know how adventurous that was. Triple fun.

The playroom, which leads on from this newly re-designed living room wasn’t meant to be done for a little while. Understandably, the homeowners wanted a break from house-y stuff (and me). But when British Gypsum got in touch to see if I was interesting in working with them to create a Magnetic Wall in one of my projects… I jumped on the chance. It was perfect for this playroom redesign. How could the homeowners refuse? Well, they had no choice really. I can be very persuasive.


We’d already unofficially started on this room anyway, sourcing pieces of cost effective toy storage and furniture from eBay. A rather funky sofa has been transported from one of their previous homes into this space. Proving again, most people already have what they need, it’s just in the wrong room and/or space. Or the wrong house in this case.


Funky sofa

The floorboards were sanded and stained at the end of last year, with the rest of the downstairs. So we’re ready to rock. All that’s left to do is some remedial work on the walls and then the decorating.

Let’s go.


Plans for this space:

  • The room layout will be reconfigured leaving the left hand wall (see plan below) clear. This wall will be the one to get the Magnetic Plaster treatment, providing everyone with a child (and adult) friendly interactive wall.

playroom FP.jpg

  • The colour scheme will continue through from the living room, but we’ll be keeping it light this time. The ceiling colour, Gentle Shadows will be used as the room’s base, with the green and orange added into details. This is a great way of giving connected spaces a sense of cohesion (and also using up left over paint = saving money).

Valspar Colour Palette

  • The playroom overlooks the lovely sunny rear garden. To bring some of the outdoors in and in keeping in the theme of “Sherwood Forest”, there will be a rather cool organic, sprawling paint design going up on the walls and across the ceiling. Something along these lines. Perhaps not quite as literal. And no lion. Or cot obv.


Debbie Cerone

There are a few other cool bits and pieces currently in the planning stages, but i’m keeping them under wraps for now. The Magnetic Plaster has been delivered, a plasterer is booked, which means the fun is officially about to commence. Bring on the Magnetic Wall!

Part II coming soon….


This project is in collaboration with British Gypsum. But all words and opinions are my own. Always. I only ever work with companies I really like and think you will like too.



  1. madaboutthehouse says

    I love that giant tree mural and I want a magnetic wall now. The only question in which one? I reckon it would be useful in pretty much every room in the house….

  2. Such a fun project! I’ll be so curious to see how well this magnetic wall works. If it does, I’m going to have to find somewhere in my home where I can get one when we come to extending/renovating our home!

    • Yes I really interested to see how well it works too. I’ve heard good things, so fingers crossed. Will be back with Pt II in a week or so. Watch this space (as they say) 🙂

  3. pennyalexander says

    So excited to see this, this family are going to have the best playroom ever! It is such a lovely sunny space and your colours look like they will enhance that beautifully. I have mentioned you in my post about my magnetic wall today – thanks so much for all the desk ideas you gave me yesterday. Would love to know what you think now I have it all down in one place!

    • Thanks Penny. Am looking forward to this project. It’s got a lot going in such a small space, but I reckon it’s going to be pretty cool. And, thanks for shout out on your blog post, i’ve just had a snoop and your home office is gona be great! Good luck to us both eh!?xx

  4. This is such a cool invention and it will be fabulous in a playroom – lucky people! Are you going to paint the tree yourself, freehand?

    • Oh god, no. I’ve got someone booked to do the fancy painting. Anything involving straight lines and i’m there. Anything remotely realistic… someone else gets the gig!

  5. I’m very interested in this one Karen, I think my two little kids would LOVE one. BTW, your living room is beautiful, and that rug is divine, where did you get it from? x

  6. Ooh, this is gonna be good! That magnetic plaster wall will be perfect in a play room – lucky kids! Can’t wait to see your updates x

  7. Jemma Weaver says

    Can’t wait see how this turns out, I have a playroom for my daughter and I have been looking at ideas of how to put up her paintings etc, this is a fab way. Xx

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