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The mighty fine nine

In my previous post, all about how to make the most of your space, clever ways with storage popped up a fair bit. We all need storage. In every room. Not just under the stairs, in the garage and up the loft ladders. The living room needs it too. Which brings me quite nicely onto a little product research i’ve been doing for a client.

Brief: Find me a cool industrial chest of drawers that will fit in my living room. Somewhere I can chuck all my day to day crap and keep my 5 year old’s pens and Play-Doh in.

Ok then. I shall.

Obviously, I started scavenging for something vintage, salvaged, quirky and unique. However, these pieces are getting increasingly more expensive, and harder to find in decent condition. When you do spot something it often needs couriering, so you don’t get to give it a once over until you’ve already bought and paid for it. I don’t mind taking a risk for me in these situations, it’s all part of the fun. But for a client, i’ve got to be sure i’m getting something bang on. After all, I’m spending someone else’s money. So I began checking out what nice shiny new offerings some of my fave online stores had. Just incase the thrifting, sourcing and hunting for something “used” didn’t work out. And here’s what I found:

My mighty fine nine, ladies and gents. **double checks there are actually nine. Yes.**


Tikamoon – Industriel Chest of Drawers – £329


Lourmel Industrial Chest of Drawers – Maisons Du Monde – £449


Vincent and Barn – 15 Drawer Iron Unit – £355



Stow Large Storage Unit – – £399


Darby Storage Cabinet – – £349


Black Apothecary Chest  – Rose and Grey – £745


Statham Chest of Drawers – Swoon Editions – £399121458_3.jpg

Dupleix Antiqued Metal Drawers- Masions Du Monde – £369.90


Industrial Apothecary Sideboard on Wheels – Rose and Grey – £625

Pretty nice pieces eh?! I’ve fallen in love with about three already. As has my client, who’s now in a right pickle as she’s stuck between two of ’em.

Dear readers, would you care to offer your advice, opinion and support on this? I’d be oh so grateful.


    • Thank you! 🙂 They’re all lovely aren’t they? She’s really stuck between the Darby from and the Industriel from Tikamoon…. Hmmm?

  1. You have THE coolest job, Karen!
    I think the final one may just be my fave, but they’re all gorgeous! This is why I could never do what you do. I’m like a magpie. BUY ALL THE THINGS! haha xx

  2. Such a fantastic selection! The black apothecary chest from Rose & Grey one has stolen my heart but the Darby one from is a close second (we’ve ordered a few things from there, recently, and are completely enamoured with the company).

  3. I’m such a sucker for Industrial style! I love so many of these pieces and have been on the hunt for a sideboard for quite sometime…. A x

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