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Masonic Villas – Lighting

Last week, I introduced you to a new project i’m working on. And the amazing-ness of said project. I’ve been a busy little bee since the initial consultation, selecting colours, planning layouts, materials and finishes, furniture, contacting suppliers, tradespeople….  It’s hard work you know!


One aspect, that seemed to be sorted in about half an hour was lighting. Sometimes you find just what you’re looking for straight away. In fact, I chose the living room ceiling light about 10 minutes after arriving, before i’d even been “hired”. So to speak.

The homeowner has a penchant for deconstructed design. Industrial and salvaged pieces, harsh lines and raw materials. Just like me. As soon as I walked into the living room and saw this ceiling rose I knew exactly what it needed.

A deconstructed chandelier.

Swoonworthy   –   French for Pineapple

I first spotted this industrial style chandelier in Kimberley Duran’s office make-over at Swoonworthy. And then in Bianca Hall’s dining room on French for Pineapple. They look soooo good. Love those ladies and their taste in lighting. Well everything actually.

So the search began for something that a) would work, design wise and b) was within our reach, budget wise. Here’s what popped up.


Large Modern Chandelier – IlluminateVintage on Etsy -£215


West Elm Mobile Chandelier – £249

Molecular Light by House Doctor – Scandinavian Design Centre – £175

Aren’t they fab? Needless to say, the ceiling light for the living room has already been ordered. Any guesses as to which one? I’m gona keep sshtum until it arrives.

Additional lighting kept popping up on my search. Pieces that would contrast so well with the original traditional features.

201_480_lifestyle_1_1 – Black Orchid Two Arm Wall Lamp – £150.00

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.23.18

Wall light  –  3 Arm Floor Lamp  –  3 Arm Ceiling Light

Great pieces. Love the strong lines and sense of movement. The double arm wall light in particular is a must for me. Would love to see it make it in the living room.

The homeowner has a bit of a thing for crosses and crucifixes. There are already several around the house (not in a freaky way, in the same way I like skulls. Completely normal). I thought it would be a nice touch to incorporate the design into something integral to the room.


I spotted “Neon Cross for Two” by Jonathan Horowitz during a Pinterest session. Perfect, no? I’ve already contacted my local neon sign company and had a similar design priced up. One with a warmer light and slightly different dimensions. Totally do-able budget wise. ‘Citing!

Onto the hallway and here is what’s currently in the pickings….


Large Masonic Lantern – Indro Antiques – £295

This was a fluke find. All the best finds are aren’t they? I showed the homeowner immediately as she wanted to add a light fitting to the first floor landing. And it couldn’t be any old light fitting. I subsequently found out that the house was built by the founder of the Masons movement in this part of Yorkshire. And the house’s name? Masonic Villas. How cool would it be to hang this original light fitting here?!


The aged, industrial lantern hanging down from the first floor ceiling into the staircase below would look stunning against softly painted, pristine walls. A lovely juxtaposition indeed.

Other lighting options for this space are beaded chandeliers. Another take on the traditional. These designs can be extremely pricey, working their way up to four figures. But here are a few I found that won’t break the bank.


Bayan Chandelier Pendant – BHS – £250 (with 20% off right now)


As ever, BHS rocking my lighting world. I’m always so impressed with how design led their range is.

And Graham and Green have a couple of options which would add some beautiful detail and colour to the space. The Turquoise Beaded Chandelier at £195 and the Loire Blue Bead Chandelier, currently in the sale at £177.


So what do you think of my choices so far. It’s been so much fun working on this project already. Just wait til the painting starts. Eeeee!





    • You could always try your hand at my job, Karen. No reason not to!! And i’m telling you if you got it right…. (you did 🙂 ) x

  1. Ahh thank you for the little shout out my dear! And hell yeahs on the deconstructed light in that space – love all your choices! In fact, I had a Serge Mouille inspired light in my bedroom (and then realised sadly it was too large for the room and sold it *sob*) but goodness, they are just stunning. Love where this is going Miss Thang! xxx

    • Thank you! And again thank you the inspiration. So glad i’ve got some of the lighting sorted already. It really defines a space doesn’t it. Am loving where this is going too 🙂 xx

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