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Pantone COTY – Styling with Wayfair


I’m sure you’ve already heard the news?

Last December?

Pantone’s Color of the Year (COTY)?

Industry experts announced the colour for 2016 to influence all things fashion, interiors, art, culture etc. And for the first time ever, Pantone announced not one, but two colours. Twins. Surprise!

PANTONE-15-3919-Serenity.jpgA pastel blue with a hint of ice-y lilac.

pantone-13-1520-rose-quartz.jpgA feminine dusky pink.

“Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Colour Institute

Hmmm… My first thoughts weren’t great if i’m honest. You know i’m always honest. I’m sure you’ve cottoned on by now, I do like my bold colours and inky, jewel based tones. I don’t tend to play with pastels, making this year’s COTY’s tricky ones for me to get my head around.


Always keen to find a solution to design quandaries, my next thought was, “Scandi”. Yes, that could work nicely. Adding a subtle hint of colour to a minimal monochrome space. I could see that. So when Wayfair contacted me to write a post about how to work Pantone’s picks for 2016 into your home, the gauntlet was thrown.

Wayfair very kindy offered to let me go “wild in the aisles” on their site, selecting some keys pieces to help inject some Rose Quartz and Serenity into my home. My mission – “Style the life out of them.”

Here’s what I popped in my virtual basket:

Not pieces I would ordinarily be drawn to, but I think you can see a bit of a Making Spaces vibe in there?

  • Geometric cushion cover. Yup.
  • A quirky (bit bonkers) cushion with toucans, a swan and an eye on. Oh yes.
  • A simple blue glass vase. Can’t go wrong.
  • And a chunky, slightly psychedelic throw. Like it.


Let’s have a look at them in an actual room then?

Alright, hold your horses. Jees.


And here’s how it looks.

Our dining room is the most neutral room in the house having a strong Scandinavian vibe. It was the ideal place to experiment with Rose Quartz and Serenity. And I think it works. In fact, looks good.


The Melange Throw,  blending both of Pantone’s colour selections, pops off the chair and against the white walls. The rest of the colours in this room are warm earthy or natural wood tones which work to ground the pastel shades.




The super cool Illustrated Dreams cushion by Cushion Art nails both Rose Quartz, Serenity and all the subtle tones in between. The graphic design alone gives the colours a real funky edge which I don’t normally associate with pastels at all. And this one cushion, is demonstrating rather nicely that you can mix these pastel shades with my favourite jewel tones. And indeed, black toucans. This cushion is most certainly working hard and I like it.


Can you all just take a wee second to note that I even “Pantone-d” up my book selection? Yes, yes I did that.


The simple blue glass Vase by Jarapa reflects the light beautifully and will no doubt make its way around the house throughout the year.



The Loin 6 Kant Cushion Cover slipped into this room with ease. My son has already bagsied it for himself. He’s got good taste you know. A Scandi inspired design, with clean, geometric lines. The perfect size for a booster seat cushion.

Pantone COTY 2016 for Wayfair

I love the little update these pieces have given to the space. How very “on trend” our dining room is now.

And just to finish, incase you didn’t spot it from the Midtown Magic bedroom project….


The Illustrated Dreams Cushion contrasts perfectly with the dark inky teal walls in my bedroom. I wasn’t planning on having it in this room at all. But it looks amazing and it’s staying here on my bed. Love it. So yes, you can most certainly add some Rose Quartz and Serenity into your life, even if like me, you’re not a pastel kinda gal.


Have I tempted you to try a touch of Rose Quartz or Serenity in your home decor? Would love to hear what you think about Pantone’s selection for 2016 and how i’ve styled it in my home.


This post was in collaboration with Wayfair, who kindly gifted me some  home accessories of my choice. However, all opinions are my own. I hope you enjoyed it peeps.




  1. Love this Karen – some fab choices bringing a slightly different take on the super pastel tones of the new pantone colours. Like you, I was a bit meh towards the colours to start with (am also more of a dark tones kind of girl – i have an indigo room and have just painted big chunks of my living room matt black..) but they’ve quite grown on me. I really the two of them together in the ombre effect in your first couple of pics. How cool would that look in a guest bedroom?! Oh, ideas……!

    • Snap! My living room is also black and will be going more-so later this year. But yes, I wanted to play with the ombre effect between the two colours as I think that’s where the most interesting aspects of the two colours lies. Really glad you like my choices. I love that mad Toucan cushion. Would never have expected it to go in my bedroom, but it looks fab in there!

  2. Oh man I am properly digging that cushion and yes, it totally works with the darker/edgier shades you’ve got going on in the bedroom. I think you’ve nailed it 😉 xx

    • Thanks Kimberly! It’s cool isn’t it? There were quite a few of that style cushion on the site. But this one had that cool Pantone ombre thang going on. Just goes to show you should try colours that you wouldn’t normally… definitely a good look! 🙂 x

  3. They look fantastic. Great choice. From the product photos, I would never have picked those items but you’ve really made them come alive. I particularly like the dining room photos. It looks like a super cool space.

  4. Wow, that cushion! It really does capture the Pantone colours, yet still manages to pack a punch! I love all your product choices – you’ve taken the Pantone colours and made them your own, which I know sounds like an X Factor quote, but you really have! I love how you always think outside the box with your design choices. xx

    • Haha. I hate X Factor. Am laughing 🙂 Thanks Antonia, I was hoping to make my spaces still look like me, even though I would NEVER normally choose these pieces. Although i’m temped by another cushion by Cushion Art. Some seriously cool designs and lots with the Pantone colours in! Thanks again for your lovely feedback xx

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