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Sherwood Forest Gets Dressed (a bit)



I’m annoyed. Annoyed with the weather. The light, to be precise. The light over the past week has officially been rubbish. 1/10. Must try harder. And this, dear readers is why I haven’t posted a blog for a week. A WHOLE WEEK. Unheard of. I do apologise. Sorry peeps.


But I’ve soldiered on, taking snaps here and there as the project has developed and here are some i’ve managed to cobble together over the past week. Let me show you what’s new…


All of the room has been painted now in Valspar’s Sherwood Forest, except for the skirting boards. Above are the phrenology and skull knobs from Orchard Lane Interiors, now gracing the doors of the cupboard doors either side of the fire.


(**rubbish lighting photo)

In the right hand fireplace recess we have a collection of gawkworthy items, most of which were already at hand. Stylist’s dream! Anything new has links below.

  • Specimen drawers
  • Phrenology head
  • Lots of bizarre and lovely glassware collected from around the world, including a bottle with a snake in.
  • A cloche that was due to hold a taxidermied squirrel. Alas the bushy tail didn’t fit in so we are sourcing something else right now…. for now, an orange bath toy resides.
  • Peacock feathers galore
  • A freaky doll

Remember the old fireplace?

Sherwood before

Yeah, that was it. Here’s what happened with it (it went). The removal of the old tiled number left a messy concrete bit where the hearth was and because we’re having the floorboards sanded and stained in January… it meant new floorboards needed relaying.


Chopping out the old concrete. Levelling the sub-floor, ready for new wooden floorboards.


And here too. Two old fireplaces, and down the centre of the room where the original partition wall ran before the two spaces became one open plan room.


Et voila. New floorboards. Once the floor is sanded back, stained, skirting board re-fitted and rugs laid you’ll hardly notice the difference.


The beautiful turquoise lamp base finally getting to sit next to our new made to measure, full length and very luxurious gold velvet curtains. Just look at those colours. Oof. Love it.


A slightly battered Parker Knoll armchair now sitting proudly in the bay window against all that dark green and gold. Pass me my pipe and slippers.

And one of our enormous new rugs is down. Yee-ha!


In keeping with the theme, “Retro Gentlemen’s Club with a Dash of Taxidermy”, I opted for the 2.4m x 3.4 Acid Vintage rug from Benuta for the living room area. And why not? It’s bloody amazing.

The second rug, the Legend Multi Colour will sit prettily under the dining table at the other end of the room. When the lighting is better and more of the room is done, you’ll get to see how seriously jaw-dropping these look in the dark green room.

Both room sized rugs for under £500 delivered. Such amazing value for incredibly large, well made, design led rugs.


I discovered Benuta over a year ago when I purchased a rug for my own bedroom. Still going strong and under £100 for a 2x3m rug.

Anyway, less of me and MY rug, back to Sherwood Forest please. Ta.


The Acid Vintage rug is just MAD. Clashing neon colours mixed in with dark moody tones. Perfect for this space.

Oh, the tree trunk coffee table? Yeah, that was already here… see how lucky I am. SOOO many amazing pieces to play with.


This chair? Nice init. I picked this up after another successful trip to The Whole Kit and Kaboodle. You may remember my blog post all about them a couple of months ago. Love that place. I got a fair few other bits that I will introduce in good time.


My client was looking for an antique/vintage children’s chair for her son. She has a vision of her son sitting down, sitting still, reading books (**haha, don’t ruin it…). Well this little badger, an early 20th century solid oak chair was beyond perfect. It will get a little love with the wire wool and some wax. I wonder how many little bums have sat on this (for 10 seconds, not reading a book).

(** children do not do sitting down).

What do you think? It’s so satisfying when items go back into a room. It’s still a FAR way from being finished but these things take time. Wish me luck with the lighting this week, got so much more to photograph and show you. Come on sunshine… get your hat on.




  1. The lighting has been AWFUL!! I feel your pain. However, the room is coming along rather fabulously and thank you for the rug source! It looks amazing! And the colour you’ve chosen for the walls is beautiful. Ya know, I’ve been looking for a large rug for not a large budget so shall have a little look! xx

    • Ooh glad i’ve got you onto Benuta. I love that place. Hope you manage to find something on there. And thank you for the fab feedback!x

  2. The colour palette you have chosen for this project is just stunning. And so many interesting pieces you’ve incorporated into the scheme. It’s looking so good!

    • Yay! Thanks Stacey. I can’t wait to have it all finished so I can do the full on before and after photos. Got to wait until the end of Jan. I’m so impatient!!

  3. Wow that rug is insane – I love it! the whole room is looking so good and I love the wall colour so much!

    A xxx

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