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My #LiveLAGOM Wishlist

I’ve been busy doing my homework for the #LiveLAGOMProject. Flicking through my Ikea Hidden Gems brochure and clicking all over the Ikea website for more ideas and inspiration.

lagom hidden gems

Our home is pretty sorted in terms of decor, but there are certainly ways we could improve on its sustainability. Here are some of the items i’ve selected for my wish list so far.

We have a pretty standard 3 bed semi detached home, a nice size for the three of us. In the three years we’ve been here, we’ve invested a fair amount of money in the house in terms of living sustainably. So far we have:

  • Had a new efficient boiler fitted after moving in.
  • A new fitted kitchen and bathroom choosing a high efficiency Mira power shower and AEG A++ rated kitchen appliances.
  • Had our cavity walls insulated as part of a government scheme a couple of years ago. We noticed the difference straight away.
  • New radiators fitted downstairs with thermostatic valves and correct BTU outputs.

Things I would like to do long term:

  • Update the rather old and poorly fitted double glazing to triple glazing. This will take some serious money saving first.
  • Upgrade our front door to something a)nicer to look at and b) more thermally efficient.


I’ve focused on four main areas for my Ikea #LiveLAGOMProject shopping list:

  • Lighting
  • Water
  • Storage
  • Layers eg. Heating and warmth.

Let’s me talk you through my choices…




Ikea have recently switched ALL of their lighting range to LED’s.

“LED lights use 85% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Their small size opens up a whole new world of exciting lighting design possibilities. And the light quality is so good you can have both functional and atmospheric lighting in just one light. So not only are LEDs making life at home more sustainable, they’re making it more beautiful too.”

You can read much more about the changes Ikea are making here.

A SPOKA night light for Charlie, who as most children his age are, is scared of the dark. This little light has a timer on it, so it gets dark by the time he falls asleep. And if he wakes in the night all he needs to do is squeeze it for it to light up again. Easy peasy.

The trend for filament bulbs, our house knows all too well. I have them in the hall and landing. They’re gorgeous, but not that great in terms of efficiency. I am loving the new NITTIO LED copper bulbs and would love to get a few to assist with guilt free, but super stylish lighting.

The HEKTAR clamp light has been on my wishlist for ever. I love that you’re able to clip it exactly where you need it. A no faff lighting solution. Nice.




Our kitchen tap sucks. The one item we’re not happy with after our was kitchen redone. It’s been replaced twice making this current tap third time lucky. But it’s not been lucky. So i’m moving brand and going to try and the Ikea RINGSKAR. Ikea’s kitchen and bathroom taps are all water saving, by up to 50%! This can only be a good thing right?

“What’s the secret? Well, a pressure compensating aerator, a little device inside the faucet that adds a little bit of air to help you save water and hopefully money, too.” 

We’re on a water meter so we will be able to see if this tap makes any difference. This and changing some behaviours too of course. Shorter showers, not boiling the kettle eight times to make one cup of tea and using the ECO setting on the dishwasher for every wash.




So how’s storage going to make your home more sustainable?

Good question!

Our kitchen is small but perfectly formed. But i’d say we are one cupboard too short. Which means a lot of household bits get shoved in one big box. Over time it builds up and I can never remember what i’ve got in there, so continuously buy the same things over and over again. Thus, wasting money, taking up more space and making the space we do have even more difficult to use. By getting some storage solutions ordered, I believe we can be much more efficient with our time and money.

What’s with the ORDNING digital scales?

My current scales are those enormous retro style ones that take up about 1/4 of our precious household cupboard. I don’t like stuff out on the worktops so everything like that has to get put away. By giving my old huge scales to charity and getting a slim line set of scales which can be stored more neatly elsewhere, i’m gaining cupboard space. I love cupboard space.

The BESTA felt storage box will be for Charlie’s Lego. It’s taking over the entire house at the moment and its his birthday this December three days before Christmas, so we just know we’re going to be inundated with mini-figures and teeny tiny Lego bricks. A nice minimal felt storage box will fit in rather nicely me thinks and the little handles will be great for moving it around the house.

Oh and speaking of Charlie, the LADDA rechargeable batteries and charging unit will save a bucket load on AA’s and AAA’s. So many annoying flashing and beeping toys. Eugh.



I think these are pretty self explanatory. The more layers we have at home, on the floor, over the windows, on sofas and beds, the warmer we are the less we need to hammer the heating. Cosy sheepskin rugs and cushion covers are perfect for adding warmth at this time of year. The WERNA curtains along with the GLANSNAVA linings will keep our bedroom much warmer at night. The MAJJE fleecy blanket will be perfect for Charlie to snuggle into as an extra layer at bedtime along with his 7.5 tog RODTOPPA duvet.


So what do you think of my list so far? What would you have added? I’ve still got some thinking to do here, but I think i’ve made a good start. Didn’t take me long to spend £500 did it?!

Want to find out more? Click here to see how you can make life more sustainable at home.


  1. I love that your post has made me think of all the little ways we can live more sustainably! Time to clear some cupboards this weekend I think, I hoard way too much stuff 😉 xx

  2. Hannah in the house says

    Great practical ideas! I’m up for any excuse to go back to Ikea, love your selection 🙂

  3. Some great ideas here for living more sustainably. I feel your kitchen storage pain as I have the same problem with a lack of cupboard space. What I really need though is a new IKEA kitchen lol x

  4. I love your shopping list. I’m going to change ore of my bulbs for LED. And i”m so shopping for more throws to cosy up on the sofa (so I can turn the heating down). I have a sheep skin rug that I layer up on my home office chair to make it really warm and comfortable.

  5. Jen Stanbrook says

    Can’t wait to see how this all turns out for you, such a great idea and good project. Totally agree that better storage can help us live more sustainably x

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