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My 4 from Society6

norsu interiors

Norsu Interiors

A particular artist has been haunting me this past year. I’ve seen their work dotted around in many interior shoots, styled to perfection. The art taking centre stage. Bold yet delicate.

ruben ireland marianna kitchen

Desire to Inspire

I first saw the black and white lady in profile hung in this kitchen found on Desire to Inspire. I actually chose this image above to feature in a recent article on The Lux Pad by Amara where 63 Interior Bloggers (including moi) chose their all time favourite kitchen design. Great article by the way, full of gorgeous design eye candy. This was my eye candy. I think perhaps because of the black and white lady in profile.

marriana ruben ireland

“Marianna” Ruben Ireland

I didn’t actually know who this piece was by or what it was called until last night when I discovered Ruben Ireland and finally put a name to the face. Marianna. I’d bobbed onto Society6, specifically looking for an Alex Garant print. I wrote about her stunning work a little while ago. You REALLY should take a look. It will blow your mind. No joke.

Although not really having a place for Marianna at the moment, I decided to have an art re-shuffle in her honour. And why not? Updating your art is a great way of refreshing a room or space. Each piece adds something different; colour, shape, emotion, perspective. Time for a change. She will soon be taking centre stage in a big way (once i’ve cleared a wall).

alex garant baroque perception

“Baroque Perception” Alex Garant

The Alex Garant print that made it in the basket was “Baroque Perception” which will hang in the Midtown Magic bedroom. By my bed (when I have a bed). It’s stunning. The Alex Garant print and The Chinese Lady by Angelique Houtkamp means my bedroom walls are hot to trot.

batroom canguv

“Batroom” Canguv

And now for something a little different.

I couldn’t not get this one. “Batroom” by Canguv will of course go in the loo. We are currently having difficulty potty training our near 3 year old. He is just not interested in “toilets”. What he is interested in however is Batman! Batman sitting on the toilet (we’re hoping) will be our toilet training inspiration. Just writing this is making me laugh. I can’t wait to see Charlie’s face when he sees it. And if it works, I shall write an entire book on potty training and how this print is integral to the process.

jazzberry blue

“Toy Figure” Jazzberry Blue

Ahhh… and one more for Charlie’s bedroom. Lego is MAHOUSSIVE at home. We all love it. It’s the best toy ever. It’s creative, it doesn’t need wiping up, it’s light and doesn’t need batteries. Although it’s bloody killer if you stand on it. “Toy Figure” by Jazzberry Blue is something I can see hanging on his wall for years to come and then passed onto his children if/when the time comes. The best thing is, it’s not sickly kiddy sweet. Kids stuff can make my teeth hurt, all pink and blue and in your face. This is just cool. It could hang on anyone’s wall. But this will be Charlie’s and I think he’ll love it just as much as Batman on the loo.

So you got four prints? You’re a bit flash with the cash aren’t you?

Well the total for these beauties = £80. With free shipping. I think that’s pretty good for four large pieces of art. I’ve actually got butterflies whilst waiting for Marianna. It took me a year to find her, but she’s now making her way to Yorkshire. Come on postie!



  1. welovehomeblog says

    £80 for 4 prints…..That is amazing value. I adore the black and white lady – my friends is a photographer and this reminds me very much of her work. Beautiful x

  2. I’m loving Batman/Batroom as a potty training incentive 🙂 and the lego print, as I could never do kiddy sweet art either. Agree lego is lethal, my son had to have huge gash glued together after falling from his bunk onto a brick. Love it though, the only toy of his I’ve kept now he is grown up and gone, as I know it will be played with by any kiddios who come and visit.
    Can’t believe 4 prints for £80 – wow!

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