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Ode to Tretchikoff

Did I tell you i’m re-doing my bedroom? Well I am. None of it needed doing, I just fancied a change. A big one. Part of the complete re-design included some new art.


Blue Lady, Attasit Pokpong

I wrote a piece a month or so ago about some new artist discoveries i’d made. One in particular by Thai artist, Attasit Pokpong had the kind of inky teal tones I wanted my new room to be covered in. Well, after extensive research that particular piece wasn’t available as a print and the original was also enormous. And sold. **sigh**. So the search continued.

I started looking for something like the classic 1952 painting, The Chinese Girl by Vladimir Tretchikoff. Also affectionately known as The Green Lady.

Vladimir Tretchikoff the green lady

You’ll all have seen this one doing the rounds in charity shops for the last 20 years or so. Well now it’s considered a bit of a cult classic and this one above was for sale at The Vintage Home Show a couple of weeks ago in Leeds. I was very tempted to go for it, but by that time i’d already purchased something that was even more perfect for my new room.

I came across a piece of art I fell for last month whilst snooping around at{mine}.  It ticked a lot of boxes. All of them in fact. My new room design involves:

  • Original mid-century/vintage pieces
  • Some new minimal mid-century style pieces from and Maisons Du Monde.
  • Dark, moody teal walls
  • Art prints with female faces
  • Brass and gold tones

And look what I found…


The Chinese Girl (Ode to Tretchikoff)

A gorgeous watercolour by Angelique Houtkamp. A tattooist and artist based in Amsterdam. “Ode to Tretchikoff” was the perfect blend of mid-century modernism and current design. It’s got those delicious inky tones, the expression, those red lips! The gold, brassy colours are going to pop so amazingly off my dark teal walls.

angelique houtkamp

“Tattooing & watercolors, coffee & cigarettes, dark chocolate & tequila, sailors & cowboys.”

I have to say, her work is amazing. I’m really glad I bagged one of these signed prints which are limited to 200. I know i’m going to hang this on my walls for a lifetime. Once my walls are painted that is.

The chinese girl angelique houtkamp

Here she is. Framed in a gilt frame I picked up from eBay for £20 about four months ago. I had no idea what I was going to use the frame for at the time, but it seemed befitting of this piece. Isn’t she a beauty? See how she’s looking at that paint tray with complete distain? I know how you feel love. I only painted this room in spring.

the chinese lady

Oh and ignore the colour on the walls right there. I’m getting annoyed that non of my cameras can pick up the ACTUAL colour. It’s got loads more green in, just looks blue there. Grrr. Which reminds me… time for yet another trip to the Valspar mixing desk for a pot of “L15DW29B”. Aka, Midtown Magic.



    • Thanks Stacey. I can’t wait to see it either. Sleeping on the floor whilst my new bed arrives is not at all what I had planned… at least I have my new pic to keep me sweet 🙂

  1. Ooooo, I love nothing more than a room makeover. Can’t wait to see the room when it’s done and the art work is a great place to start x

  2. oh when I see a post like yours it makes me want to splash colour EVERYWHERE in my house. What an great find the Print was. x

    • Thank you! I’m not quite sure what i’m doing with the top of the walls yet as i’ve got one that slopes downwards a little. So do I a) paint the ceiling teal b) cut in around all the walls/ceiling or c) feather it out on all walls and leave the ceiling white/another colour??
      Just playing with ideas for now…. Eeek!

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