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Love Lighting

I want to show you the new ceiling lights that made the cut for the Sherwood Forest project. I love them. The clients love them. Everybody loves them!

I chose three large feature lights to hang in this large open plan living/dining room. All for less than £150. I’ve been doing round trips to B&Q for endless pots of Valspar paint. So I had a quick peek at the lighting whilst waiting for my 46th pot to be mixed.

B&Q = Winning!

B&Q Melito Light

Melito Light Shades from B&Q

For the living room, I needed two large ceiling lights, nothing heavy, nothing too structured but something that gave a soft, diffused light. The Melito feather light shades were perfect. The client’s love of taxidermy and Africana made these an absolute must. It’s like having two rather large bird nests hanging down from the ceiling and the light is just gorgeous.

Pendel light

I also picked up a couple of Pendel ceiling lights from Habitat so I could get rid of the old white plastic ceiling roses (bloomin hate those). So the feather lights hang a little lower, from a metal ceiling rose and new white fabric cable.

melito B&Q light feather

Here’s a little peek of it in full flow. Such a great feature light for £28.  You will get to see the full effect when it’s sitting against the rich dark green walls. The Vita Eos feather pendants of the equivalent size are three times as much, so we’re getting a real high end design look for high street prices. Perfect!

Copper Light Jonas

Jonas Copper Light from B&Q

The second lighting choice is the Jonas, which hangs over the dining table at the other end of the room. That side of the space is quite dark and with the entire space being painted in dark green I needed something that would be befitting of hanging low over the dining table, whilst kicking out some serious light. Not an enclosed pendant shade as they only allows the light to shine downwards on the table, but something where the light would be cast up, out and around the space. The side of the room is also used for crafts and will include a study area, so the “big light” needed to be functional as well as look stush.

Jonas Light B&Q

Pic from B&Q

And it totally works on both counts. The copper looks awesome in the space but will look STUN-NING against the dark green walls. The decorator is booked for the end of October so I can’t wait to see it all change colour soon!

Jonas copper light

And here is the Jonas. Casting a warm glow all around the room and a cage effect across the ceiling. Lovely. £46 for the shade, black cable and copper ceiling rose. Not bad B&Q!

Am seriously excited to see this space transform. Lots more work to do still but the fireplace has now been ripped out and the room should be redecorated by November. But, in order to actually see what colour we were choosing for the walls, I had to see the colours properly and that meant the lights were one of the things that needed fixing first. I wouldn’t normally do this, but for this project, this problem needed solving in order to continue with confidence.



  1. ameliawilson2014 says

    Hi Karen – another great post. As a fellow Valspar junkie I wanted to share a tip from my local B&Q decorating manager. When the £1 offer is on buy multiple sample pots in white and take them back for mixing when you know what samples you want. Apparently they won’t charge you for the mixing bit. You can buy 6 at a time so just do multiple car runs. The limit is to prevent people painting a room using sample pots not people like us who need to try lots of colours. Sorry if you’ve already figured this out but I thought I’d share as its going to save me a pot of money going forward 🙂

    • A-ha! Good to know! I’ve managed to get a trade card that should get me a bit of discount, but this is a v good tip indeed. Thank you for letting me know chuck! Might need to get another shelf put up in my office just for testers…. I can’t fit many more in the footwells of my car 🙂

  2. Jen Stanbrook says

    Love this Karen, the Jonas light could be just what I’m looking for to finish my top landing against dark green walls.

  3. Oh my gosh, the feather light is divine! It looks so fluffy and soft…just a shame once its hung that it won’t be easily stroke-able!

  4. My ceilings are so high I often forget about light fittings, but downstairs we need to replace some, we bought paper bamboo ones years ago when we moved in and I keep meaning to buy something more exciting. They are crying out to make a statement.

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