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The Whole Kit & Kaboodle


Yesterday I had a proper day of hunting. Yes, another one. I know.

I am currently re-designing my entire bedroom (which doesn’t need doing at all) but it involves mixing new with old, but specially selected old. Not just any old charity shop find. No siree.

After a trip to Otley Car Boot sale, which was enormous, but disappointing on the furniture and vintage front, I drove over to The Whole Kit and Kaboodle, in West Leeds for a mooch

A Kaboodle – : Is an old fashioned term meaning group or collection.
A Kit – : Is a set of objects, as in a toolkit, or what a soldier would put in his kit-bag.”


(Pic from Facebook)

Here’s Simon, who runs it all. He was most definitely a magpie in a former life and thrives on finding the most amazing/vintage/random story filled items he possibly can. See him on this vehicle? I think that sums him up perfectly.

I took some photos of my visit, because this place is a real treasure trove. So many things to make you smile. Antiques, vintage, military, industrial, collectables, art, trinkets…

“We have anything and everything over 2 floors, from Royal Doulton ceramics to Gplan tables and from collectable cars to cast iron pans. And remember if we don’t have one and you want one, if it exists then we’ll do everything we can to get you one.”

I’ve already got Simon on the hunt for a couple of things already. Chop chop!



Such good finds. And the prices are reasonable compared to some places that mark up ridiculously after the mid century/vintage explosion.


How amazing would that enormous framed poster look in a bar, cafe or even in your bathroom at home??


Laurel and Hardy. Obv.


Paintings, walking sticks and African carvings.


Oodles of vintage and antique finds….


…and a fairground Llama/Horse/Monster. No comment.


I was very tempted, but behaved myself. Slightly obsessed with paint splattered old stools and ladders right now. Adds a little quirk and detail to an otherwise clean and minimal interior.


Huge black metal and copper lights.


Where the magic happens.


Gorge little oak mantle clock.


An anvil. An actual anvil. We joked about it being sold along with Roadrunner and some birdseed. “Meep meep.”



A cute, 1960’s chest of drawers that were destined to come home with me. They needed a good clean and a bit of work but the size and overall shape was bang on. Result.


And here are my drawers on Instagram after an hour’s work, a bit of love and a lot of Brasso! You really should check out The Whole Kit and Kaboodle, so many great vintage and industrial finds. Perfect for us interiors-y people who have clients that want rare, one off pieces.

Simon admits he’s not really down with all this fancy fan-dangled technology, but they are updating their website soon so it’s one to watch if you’re a fan of the random!


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