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Making Spaces in Print

It’s just a quickie today, mainly because i’ve been up since 5am thanks to my beloved child and i’ve got so much design work on right now. But I do have something to share with you, I thought you might like to see….

Would you like a proper nosey around my home?? AND see me standing (slightly awkwardly) holding a mug?

You do??

Well you’re in luck. My home and I were featured in Home Style Magazine in last month’s October edition. I know it’s October now, they all do that confusing thing where they publish in the future.  So now it’s nearly time for the November issue, i’ve got my greedy paws on my eight page feature to share you.

Don’t be shy. Get reading!

HS_oct2015 28

HS_oct2015 29

HS_oct2015 30

HS_oct2015 31

HS_oct2015 32

HS_oct2015 33

HS_oct2015 34

HS_oct2015 35

My very first proper photo shoot. Such a fun day. And there is more to come which I can’t say too much about right now. I hope you enjoyed your snoop! Have a lovely weekend peeps.

All photos by Olly Gordon for Home Style Magazine


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