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New Discoveries

I’m currently sourcing art for a project. Well i’m always sourcing art. It’s one of my great loves and one on a long list of vices. I’ve gotten to the point now where i’ve got art leaning on walls in a FYNCT style. My OH has now given up and just accepts it’s in the way, sighs a bit and goes about his day.

I wanted to share with you two artists I’ve recently discovered. I love faces, portraits, expressions, hidden meanings, art that you see differently each time you view. Both of these artists stopped me in my tracks. I had to look. I had to go back and look again and then continue to search more about them. Their works resonated with me. A lot. Want to see?

Comet alex garant

Comet – Alex Garant

Toronoto based artist, Alex Garant, aka Queen of Double Eyes. Her oil painted portraits are beautifully mesmerising and yet brain mashing. Art you can barely look at or focus on but want to, so much. Comet, the piece above was the first piece I saw online by Alex and I was gobsmacked. I showed everyone and loved watching people’s reactions. It’s not often art does that.

All of my love Alex Garant jpeg

All of my Love

The collection of female portraits are haunting. There’s so much being said through those eyes, the stares, but you can’t quite fathom it as your brain is too busy trying to decipher what it’s focusing on.

“If I go back to when I was a kid, I remember always asking my mom to draw me a face so I could colour it. I was fascinated by the 70’s-style female faces with big lips and big eyes that she would draw and I’m pretty sure that’s where part of the influence comes from. I feel like maybe girls are more beautiful to look at as well, I’m drawn to that aesthetic.”

Alex Garant – Lexiquette

Madeleine study 1 Alex Garant

Madeleine Study 1

“..her protagonists trying to escape themselves, almost possessed by a distinct version of their own individuality, an exorcism of the soul.” Alex Garant

Kaleidoscope Jenna Alex Garant

Kaleidoscope Jenna

“It’s a bit of an optical illusion and it takes time for your eyes to adjust to the painting. I love creating that physical reaction, something they have to stop and think about and I like that it engages people on a different level instead of just having them look at something pretty.”

Alex Garant – Lexiquette

Summer Dreams Alex Garant

Summer Dreams

Alex decided to fully commit to her passion for Arts after a heart attack in 2012. She admits this has changed the way she views the world, making her more impatient, working much more intensely from this point.


Alex Garant

Alex has exhibited across Canada, the United States, Portugal and Australia. Her work has also been featured in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Supersonic, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Juxtapoz, My Modern Met, The Huffington Post, and other publications.

I think her work is incredible. Go and take a look at her site.


Expression Lady

Thai born artist Attasit Pokpong, is one of Thailand’s most sought after contemporary artists. Attasit uses both watercolour and oils in his huge wall sized paintings.


Blue Lady

This was the first piece I saw by Attasit Pokpong. I instantly tried to find out if it was still available to buy. It would be perfect for the project i’m currently working on. The dark inky colours, the expression, the simplicity and the bright pop of coral on the lips. I love it.


Lady 2

And the lips become a theme throughout, adding a strong focal point to each piece but still the stare of the eyes pulling you further in.


Lady 1

 “Women, men and children will express their true feelings through their faces. When we see them, their faces and eyes will disclose how they feel.” 

Attasit Pokpong – Tusk Artists


Sleeping Beauty

There’s not a lot of information available online about Attasit or his work, but he has nearly 20 years of exhibitions listed, his first being in 1998 with his work now being sold internationally.

Attasit Pokpong

Attasit Pokpong – Facebook

There’s definitely a similar vibe to these two artists. They’re ticking all the right boxes for me. The strong and striking female portraits which you can’t take your eyes off, both quite dream like yet with great intensity and a certain darkness. The two paintings I would love to be lucky enough to own are Comet by Alex Garant and Blue Lady by Attasit Pokpong.

Maybe one day….

Comet alex garant


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