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The Blue Room – Final Reveal

This time last month, I had a consult for a loft bedroom. It lacked storage, colour and personality. There was some serious problem solving and creativity needed. You’ve probably caught a couple of my posts since then about how it’s been going and what I’ve been purchasing so I won’t chat too much. I shall fill your eyes with lovely visuals instead. I finally get to share with you all the finished room. And i’m so excited I could burst! **POP!**

A reminder of where we started four weeks ago.

Bedroom before

bedroom before

Four weeks later, here is The Blue Room.

The blue room reveal
Ikea coat hooks

Ikea coat hooks
The blue room reveal 3
Ikea Brimnes Oak wardrobe

Though she but little she is fierce

Habitat Idaho Storage Trunk

Valspar Deep Shadow Eaves Storage

The dressing table alcove

The alcove

vintage gallery wall

Comparison is the thief of joy

Brass charity shop mirror

Banksy gas mask

The gallery wall

The room has seen a total transformation in four weeks. Everything was taken out, the room re-designed and updated. The only things that remain are the carpets and window blinds.

You can see some of the pieces from the Ikea shopping list here. Other pieces were sourced from charity shops, second hand furniture shops and Gumtree for next to nothing. The dressing table being the most expensive at £70. Plus, a couple of treat pieces to add some finer detail to the room. The gallery wall in the alcove was created for less than £10 after an afternoon of thrifting.

The wardrobe dilemma, come disaster, was solved eventually with something I tried my best not to resort to… Flatpack. However, in this instance, I really had no choice. Plus we were getting super tight on budget. The BRIMNES wardrobe in oak effect, £80 from Ikea, saved the day. We could get the flat pack up the stairs and it was 50cm depth which was the maximum depth that alcove could take without looking too giant and eating into the space beside the bed. It may not be perfect, but it solved the oodles of problems I came across when trying to get a wardrobe up two flights of stairs. It kept the project in budget too.

The bed frame, from UK Bed Store was £143. It’s a great sturdy frame that has coped well with being moved around by moi these last few weeks. I also purchased a new mattress on behalf of my client which apparently has given her “The best sleep in years!” Not bad eh?

The paint? Yes, it’s Valspar, Deep Shadow. You can read ALL about that over here. Quite an in-depth post about working with Valspar for the first time.

Total cost for EVERYTHING in The Blue Room? Drawers, dressing table, lighting, bed, mattress, bedding, cushions, stool, storage boxes and trunk, rugs, picture frames and mirrors, coat hooks, plants, paint and accessories?? All in for less than £1000.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this project peeps! It’s been a real journey for me and the client, but we are both so happy with it. Has the project given you any ideas? Do you need to update your room but don’t know where to start? Would you have done anything differently?

Bedroom before

The blue room reveal 2

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


    • Thanks for your lovely comment Natalie 🙂
      I just used the non premium Matt paint which I was really happy with. I’m not 100% convinced on the eggshell for woodwork as it dried in 30 mins… but the emulsion was a dream to work with, no splatter at all and great coverage!!

  1. booandmaddie says

    I just came across your blog on Twitter, this is such an epic makeover!! I thought I was bold painting the walls of our little office room dark grey but this takes the biscuit, so stunning X

    • Haha. Thanks so much. My client was super brave and let me go for it. So pleased with the completed design. Wish it was my room!!x

  2. I’m blown away by this transformation! Gorgeous colour and painting the ceiling is genius, it’s all so cocooning and cosy! (Think I peeked this bedroom in Home Style magazine!! How awesome!)

  3. Great job ….. And has definitely decided me on what colour to paint my bedroom!!
    Happy New Year …..

  4. Suze says

    This is amazing! I love this room! Great colour and lovely details.

  5. Stunning! I hope you don’t mind me featuring an image from this on my WordPress blog post on my favourite blue bedrooms?

  6. Hi Karen, I really love this room. I love dark colours in bedrooms…makes it feel luxurious. We’re going dark blue and yellow in the living room this year…bought cushions and rug so far…it’s only January, ha ha! But soooo flippin’ glad I came across your blog, as the only dark blues I really like are the F&B but I really can’t justify the cost. So, it’s great to have an expert to advise on equivalent colours that are cheaper, easy to get. Also, although I’ve bought cushions. I love the yellow/blue ones on the bed…could you tell me where they’re from please? Thank you :))

  7. Really loved the bedroom makeover. Just choosing the blue to do my bedroom
    at the moment had already decided on dark blue and green with some
    William Morris paper thrown in hopefully. Cant wait to get started after seeing
    how well your room turned out.

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