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Thrifting, sourcing, hunting and finding.

My love of charity and second hand shops is a fairly new one. With vintage, up-cycling, mid-century and Scandinavian design being so on trend, there are SO many amazing finds. And whilst the Great Ikea Haul gave me some great pieces for The Blue Room, I needed a bit of “old and borrowed” to go with the “blue and new”.

Remember the chest of drawers I picked up from Gumtree for £10?

gumtree chest drawers


vintage chest of drawers


Don’t they look amazing? I spent no more than two hours bringing them back to life: Fixing the drawer runners, cleaning, sanding and waxing the wood grain and updating the handles. They certainly look better than a set of £10 drawers.

And so, I went on a charity shop hunt yesterday to try and find some accessories to dress the room, vintage style-ee! I made it to 10 charity shops across Leeds. Here are some of my best finds.

mid century stool sewing box

A mid century storage stool. Really cute little piece for £25, but it needed a bit of work to stabilise the legs.

mid century stool sewing box

So this stayed in the shop. Rule number 1. You can’t buy EVERYTHING you see and like. You have to need it and have a place for it.

Bow Back chair

I loved this Wheel Back chair, but it needed some serious time spent on it. And for £15, it was actually a little pricey. So this also stayed in the shop. Rule number 2. Don’t overspend. By the time you’ve bought your primer and paints, spent the hours restoring or upcycling, are you going to actually make any money if you decide to sell it on? So many chalk painted pieces of furniture on eBay just don’t sell. Only the expertly and creatively done pieces attract a sale, which takes time. And time is money.

horsforth leeds

I continued my day with a drive over to Horsforth’s high street in the Yorkshire sunshine. This gave me a good hour’s charity shop rummaging. A bit like Blackpool mile, but the “Horsforth Charity 1/4 mile” instead. There are about seven second-hand shops all in a row. Excellent. See what I found bit further down. I’ve got a little vignette for ya!

mid century kitchen chairs

I spotted these on my way home. Some kitsch 1960’s kitchen chairs. For £3 each. WHAT??? Rule number 3. Take a punt every now and then, what’s the worst that can happen for £3?  So, I picked up one to have a play with. How could I not?

And so to my Horsforth charity shop finds:

Vintage gallery wall

A mix of vintage, gold and brass frames, mirror and a pop of pink that will hang as a gallery wall in The Blue Room’s alcove. Total cost £10, for everything. Plus some canny printing of pictures and wallpaper samples to add some detail to that corner of the room. That mirror is just too much isn’t it? In the best of ways of course.

After dressing table

Eeee! It’s gona look splendid on that blue wall.


One of the prints, requested by my client. And isn’t it oh so true? Yes indeed.


And another. Some of my fave pieces by Banksy. Which I adore.

Oh, before I go, just wanted to show you that £3 chair I picked up. All i’ve done it plonked it down by my kitchen table. No styling, no proper lighting, editing. Not even cleaned it yet.

mid century kitchen chair at home

Isn’t he a cutie?? And £3!!

Right i’m off. I shall be back real soon with the full on Blue Room reveal.


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