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Oh my!

I’m a nightmare to buy gifts for. I have very specific tastes when it comes to most things (everything). Most people buy me vouchers, give me the receipt and my parents have just resorted to cold hard cash for birthdays and the like. This is normally put towards something interiors-y, but practical stuff like a new laundry basket or bedding. My other half thinks I take the fun out of him buying me presents. Apparently I request boring “non-gift like” items. The most contentious being new door handles for our front and back door. I managed to swing that one, and they made me so much happier than a fancy new dress or an expensive smelly candle. I smiled for weeks when they were finally changed. To me that’s a super, smashing, great gift!

So anyway, this week i’ve caught up with one of my besties. I don’t get to see or even speak to her very often as she lives in flippin Singapore now. She is one of those peeps that likes to spoil the ones she loves so she arrived with a smile and a gift. A gift. In a box. One thing, you need to know about me is that I can’t hide my “what the frick is that face?” very well. I’m sometimes too honest for my own good. It’s a northern thing apparently. So when handed over said “gift” my first thought was “Oh no!” and “Balls, I didn’t know we were doing gifts.” Eeek!

So what was inside? 
copper watering can haws

Copper Watering can from Marks and Spencers.

Oh my!!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my LOVE of all things copper of late? “No, no. No not really…. Not that much. Well sometimes… actually all the times. Can you stop now?” And my love of gardening and trying not to kill houseplants? “Yeah we clocked that one.” Well this most beautiful item encapsulates some pretty serious loves right now.


I’m trying to ignore the price (£50) and not calculate how many hours of childcare it equates to. Am simply enjoying ogling this beautiful item, knowing I would never buy this for myself. Those are the best kind of gifts.

It’s designed and manufactured by Haws, an English company who have been making fine watering cans since 1886. So this gorgeous specimen should keep me and my plants happy for years to come. And of course it will age beautifully.

haws copper watering can

haws copper watering can

haws copper watering can

It’s an extremely sexy watering can don’t you think? The perfect watering can for a red headed plant lover. It most certainly beats my last gift from OH. A new filter for my hand vacuum. I was pretty chuffed with that to be honest, but that was purely function. My new shiny gift most definitely has both function and form.

(Thank you GKP!x)


    • I know!! But i’ve done it now…. it deserves to be used. And it’s a bloody good watering can too! 🙂

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