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10 Ikea pieces I continually covet… and never buy.

I visit “The Homeland” pretty regularly. About every fortnight. I’m lucky enough to have one half an hour away, so it’s a good trip out for inspiration. Food. And child entertainment. My little boy loves it there. Running. Eating. Hiding. Playing. And then the tantrum bit when you get to the warehouse….. Always.

Every time I go, I make a beeline for my top ten pieces. Whenever I see them online, on websites, blogs, features, magazines, I want them in my home. Now. I always check if they’re in stock. If they’re there, I have a good nosey, I put them in my yellow bag. And then I take them out again. I don’t know why, but they’ve never made it to the check out. As soon as I get home and unload the car, i’m like, “Damn, why didn’t I get the (fill in the blank).” And the cycle begins.

Behold. “The 10 Ikea items of temptation”

eivor ikeaeivor throw ikeaEIVOR – Throw, black/white – £15

hektar floor-lamp ikea hektar-floor-lamp ikeaHEKTAR – Floor lamp, dark grey – £50

riggad-work-lamp ikea

riggad ikea

RIGGAD – Work lamp with wireless charging – £50

stockholm-cushion- ikea stockholm-cushion-black ikea

STOCKHOLM – Cushion, black, white – £12

stockholm-rug-flatwoven ikea stockholm-rug ikeaSTOCKHOLM – Rug, flatwoven, black striped black, off-white – £100

bjornloka quilt-cover ikea bjornloka quilt-cover ikeaBJÖRNLOKA – Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, black white, black – £45

onskedrom-tray-black__0328889_PE520641_S4 onskedrom-tray-black__0372821_PH124435_S4ÖNSKEDRÖM – Tray, white, black green -£5

ranarp clamp light ikeaRANARP – Wall/clamp spotlight, off-white – £18

tickar-bowl-black__0247172_PE372588_S4 tickar-bowl-black__0247171_PE372175_S4TICKAR Series

socker plant-stand ikea

SOCKER – Plant stand, in/outdoor, white – £25

I think you can see the pattern emerging here. Monochrome. Minimal. Classic Ikea. Recognisable Ikea. And maybe this is the reason I haven’t bitten the bullet with some of these bad boys. Perhaps just too many people have them? I don’t know.




The Stockholm rug has become a bit of a design classic. It’s in so many interiors shots and been styled in so many photos, and I love it in every photo i’ve seen it in. My fave pics being the ones above from decordemon. But the Stockholm rug is kind of everywhere. And I want something that’s slightly less everywhere, in an attempt to make my interiors unique.

“More limited edition stuff please Ikea so I can indulge and feel a little bit extra special!!”

You’ll also notice there are three lamps. I love lamp. I have just ran out of lamp free spaces. I have filled my lamp quota. No more lamps. None. Nada. It’s not a nice feeling that I can’t own any of these lamps. Not without some heavy duty eBaying anyway… Interiors is most certainly my fashion and I get a bigger kick out of sitting staring at a new lamp than I do busting out some new shoes. I know. It’s bad.

Everything else is just stuff I can live without (says my sensible head). It’s just stuff I really really want!! (Anyone listening??)

Does anyone else have a shopping list in their head that never gets ticked off? And do you constantly put the same thing in your yellow Ikea bag, shlep it around the store only to leave it with the Daim bars and boxes of batteries before the check out?

Tell me it’s not just me!!


  1. heather says

    wow, your hit list looks like mine, but i am settling for the hecker lamp, have been seduced by marimekko, but enough is enough..working on a simpler existence, less is more, cheers

  2. haha, after this year’s pilgrimage this is ringing bells loud and clear. Didn’t buy any of those things, and did discard half the contents of bag and trolley at checkout. What did I buy? I can’t even remember apart from Daim bars and those roller things (lint removers? guess dandruff remover wouldn’t have the same ring to it) but managed to spend £120 all the same.

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