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New knobs

Skull drawer knob

In our bedroom we have the Ikea Hemnes range. It was a “Quick, we’re moving house” purchase and we knew it fitted the space. We managed to kit the whole room out for about £1000 so all in all it did the trick and got us somewhere to sleep and shove clothes. We couldn’t afford what I really wanted (our £1000 would have gotten us just one wardrobe) so it made sense to go for the Hemnes….

……But now it’s annoying me. It’s not really me and a bit ‘meh’ for my taste. T’other half is not so keen on reinvesting in bedroom furniture after only 2.5 years **gah** so I resorted to some new knobs.

phrenology-head-drawer-handle-p60-269_zoom skull-drawer-handle-p57-193_zoom

I wanted something quite funky but also something that would fit in with the rest of the space. I spotted these bad boys from Orchard Lane Interiors for £4.45 a pop. They have loads of different designs but I chose five in total and mixed and matched my basket with 16 of the little beauties.

Phrenology drawer knob

A dalmatian wearing a bow tie. Who wouldn’t want that?

Cat drawer knob

They were a great size for the Hemnes furniture and were an easy fit (apart from one little tinker that needs a washer to tighten it up against the drawer front). But my hope is that this cool addition to the furniture will keep me sweet for at least another year or two.

Funky Drawer Knobs

Three in a row.


An unrelated shot of a Peony. How could I not!?

Cat drawer knob


They also have a cat wearing spectacles which I LOVED. Yay! But they were out of stock. Boo. So I had to opt for the cat wearing contact lenses instead.

Penny Farthing drawer knob

My partner chose this one. He’s a keen cyclist and although he doesn’t ride a penny farthing, he quite likes this on his bedside table. I had to have a skull on mine. Obv.

Skull drawer knob

What do you think? Like em? Switching up your drawer pulls, knobs, handles is a really easy and relatively cost effective way of updating your furniture and adding some personality. There are so many to choose from the options are endless.

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