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The Marvel Bedroom

And another project is completed. I’ve never been asked to do a child’s bedroom before so this was a new one for me. Max was turning four at the end of May and mum wanted to give him a big boy’s bedroom full of his favourite things.

Spiderman. Hulk. Iron Man. Blue. Yellow. Red. 

Mum wanted it to be subtle, not too manic and have plenty of storage for all his toys which were living on his bedroom floor and breeding rapidly. Another birthday and another party’s worth of presents and she may not have found him in there. Dad had purchased a shed load of Marvel wall decals (cue, mum’s eye roll).

My job was to bring everyone’s ideas together, solve some problems and create a room that would make everyone happy. Eeesh.

Marvel bedroom

Walls were all painted in Duracoat paint from Homebase. It went on really nicely and I can attest that it is scrubbable. Really good value at £18.99 for the 2.5l pot of Cobalt I selected for the blue feature wall. Still half a pot left so would easily do the same amount of wall again. The rest of the room I painted white to stop the room looking too “I’m a boy’s room” blue.

Marvel bedroom

Wall decals are a perfect way of adding what’s currently in favour with your little one. As soon as your beloved moves onto the next stage of fandom, you can peel off the old lot and update your walls quite easily with their new love.

Marvel bedroom

Colour blocking is an excellent and cost effective way of adding strong bold colours and still keeping a room light. I’d decided Iron Man was taking centre stage on the chimney breast wall so that wall had to have a bold colour behind him to really make it all pop. I continued this blue all around Max’s bed to provide a little sleeping nook. The blue works so well with the dark wooden furniture. Oh and I can’t not mention my love of Frogtape again on this one. No other masking tape sets foot (roll) in my handiwork bag.

Marvel bedroom

The room benefited from a huge mirrored wardrobe which ran down one side of the room. This cast lots of light into the space allowing me to choose this bold blue without it looking cold or dark.

Although the room is a great size, it was difficult to reconfigure the space to accommodate the toy storage unit. The only wall that was big enough had the radiator on. I suggested we reposition and update the radiator to something a) more efficient b) more stylish c) better placed. Excuse the poor photos for this bit – these were the on the spot phone camera ones.


Adios radiator. We want that wall!


Hello new lovely radiator!

The super stylish and reasonably priced Milano Java radiator was £149 from Bestheating. It looks so much better in the space now and it gave us the freedom of a good sized wall. I selected a vertical radiator as opposed to a horizontal one fitted under the window to allow a single bed to run along the window wall once Max moves up to a full sized bed. Always consider what functions a room might need during a five year stretch when you are having sockets, switches, aerial points and heating fitted or reconfigured.

Ikea Kallax white unit toy storage

The HUGE Kallax unit from Ikea. The toy storage don.

Marvel bedroom

Marvel bedroom HULK

I’m not sure I could sleep at night with that by my bed. Max on the other hand says Hulk is his favourite. Boys!

Marvel bedroom

My favourite is Spiderman of course. Especially when hanging from the ceiling.

Marvel bedroom

A fair few people have seen this room now and the feedback has been fantastic. Mostly from men who say they would still secretly love a room like this. I don’t blame them. But for this four year old, this is his dream room. It ticks all the boxes without looking completely over the top. I’m afraid I didn’t manage to squeeze yellow into the mix as requested. I feared that would have been too much for mum. Perhaps we can do that for your next birthday eh Max?

Marvel bedroom

What do you think? Would your four year old love this room?


  1. Shaswat Mukherjee says

    Hi Karen,
    Excellent article that you have written on marvel bedroom.
    Children will become very excited on seeing these models
    Keep it up

  2. Aditya Kashyap says

    hi there!

    My kids would love this in their bedroom. Great design. Keep it up!

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