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Green Fingers

Last year, I experienced something i’ve never experienced before… A serious love of gardening. Any spare moment I had I was at the garden centre, or pottering in our back garden planting, painting, weeding and generally trying to make it a beautiful place to be. And you know what, I did a pretty good job. For a complete noob.

In the garden

Poppy's in the garden

plants in the garden

My relationship history with house plants, however has always been pretty abysmal. I either forget to water them all together or forget i’ve already done it and drown the poor buggers. And so, I don’t really have many house plants. Well I didn’t.

I’ve been ogling lots of lovely spring styling online and in particular the Urban Jungle Bloggers site, who have really inspired me to try again. Here’s their ethos. I like it.

“Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about living with plants – in your home, in other interiors, in public spaces. We want to highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries in urban spaces. Living with plants is not merely about styling and decorating. Houseplants have beneficial effects on our living environment and make our lives better, healthier and more beautiful.”

I want this. I want a healthier and more beautiful home. Who doesn’t? So, i’m entering phase:

“I am 36, I have a son and a cat and run my own business, I can handle a few bloody house plants!”

Here’s the current run down.

Fern House Plant

The first of the few is my favourite. A delicate and frilly Maidenhair Fern. And I seemed to have worked my usual magic just one month on… My Fern is looking decidedly less frilly and certainly more delicate. I have however read that the Maidenhead is a complete DIVA of a house plant, so I may have just jumped in at the deep end.

Why are plants so complicated? What do they want?

Doll head plant pots

These little rubber plants should last me forever no? As long as my son doesn’t try to climb any further than he can now. Currently on the highest surface we have in the living room. The beautifully creepy doll head planters were from House Junkie (I love that site and Laura is super friendly, go look!). I couldn’t decide which colour to get, so as ever, when in doubt, get both. Obv.

Spider plant spring styling

The obligatory spider plant. In the bedroom. A month on… it’s alive! Go me. Perhaps I should just stick to these!?


A bit of Campanula by the bed with a pop of pink from the mini rubber plant. I have no idea what it is… but she sure is purty.

Three succulent plants

In my home office I have these three pretty maids all in a row, planted in an old dish I found in the loft. I love these little succulents (also known as fat plants) they don’t need much help from me which suits me just fine.

Bernard the Orange Plant

This is Bernard. I’m afraid I can’t take credit for him. He belongs to my other half and was grown from an orange pip about ten years ago. Amazing. He also lives in the home office and seems to survive despite being completely neglected for weeks or being fed an all you can eat buffet. You’re my kinda guy, Bernard!

As the summer hits, I just know i’m going to getting giddy in the garden again this year. And I can see it spreading into the house too. I didn’t ever think i’d say this… but…. I love plants (Jesus).

Does anyone have any recommendations for super low maintenance house plants? Or tips how to revive my fickle fern? It’s my fave.


  1. Bernard’s looking good – I garden, but I’m less successful with house plants. I put that down to a lack of windowsills and generally a cold house 🙂 Good luck! #homecorner

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