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My MCM Geometric Desk

Behold. My new delicious work space. I have managed to design and produce this space with a few left over items from my capacious loft space, coupled in with a new lamp and Eames Eiffel chair as a treat from me to me. Thank you me!

Geometric Desk Top

See that crazy mid-century modern inspired geometric desk top?

“Yes, Karen we see it. It’s hard not to”

Well that was about to get kicked to the kerb **finger snap**. A bit of old furniture board from a super ugly old flat pack desk. It’s actually the perfect size for my tiny office space. I don’t have clients visit at home and i’m only little. So for me, this space is pretty much bob on. Here is how it looked before: The offending piece of furniture board.

Black wall home office

There were bits of the “birch effect” foil surface missing. Some idiot had done their Christmas selotaping and used the edge of the desk as a tape holder. Face-palm! It all started when I wanted a rug. A black and white geometric rug to go under the desk and chair. I love a bit of product research and I very much enjoyed sitting at my desk doing this. But the more I sat in my lovely office looking at beautiful scandi inspired office spaces with geometric rugs against sanded floorboards, the ugly ass furniture board began annoying me. Nothing like looking at perfect spaces online to make you want to change your own eh? The solution was to sack off the rug (it wasn’t practical anyway as my chair would have snagged on it, the door would have jammed on it, the cat would have clawed it and my son would have tried to put his toys to bed under it). The answer was to solve two problems with one project. Pass me the Frogtape!


The desktop was going to provide my geometric fix. The geometric rug will no doubt feature soon in another room. (Must have paint related accident on current kitchen rug). Ingredients for geometric desktop:

  • Frogtape – for delicate surfaces. The yellow one. (I love Frogtape so very much)
  • Diall Primer Spray Paint
  • Habitat tester paints
  • Valspar Clear Sealer Spray – Satin
  • Mini gloss roller and tray. Paint brush(es)
  • Childcare.


I should have taken more “during photos” but I am impatient and my camera is always in another room. Painting is too much fun to stop and take photos. Sorry. So let’s just skip the priming and painting stages. It’s pretty boring to look at anyway. But the desk was primed using Diall’s All Surface Primer Spray Paint and then rollered with Crown Gallery White as a base colour. Once it’d had its 24 hours drying time, it was time to create me some geometry. Vroom! The Frogtape was put on in a completely random way. Don’t overthink it. Just get going. Once you’ve marked out your pattern, make a note in each triangle what colour it’s going to be. Do plan that bit. Or you’ll be colour heavy on one side. I purposely chose black for the centre edge as that was the bit of the desk that was going to take the most hammering. So to the painting. I used Habitat Coal, Slate, Cumin (”come in”) and Kingfisher.


Here’s the desktop after two coats of paint. I used a brush to apply and then went over very lightly with a gloss roller afterwards to remove any super visible brush marks. I could have done with four rollers and four brushes to be honest, but I muddled on with rinsing and cleaning in between colours. Frogtape tip – always peel the tape off when it’s still wet. Otherwise you’ll be in right bother. I was quite amazed just how excellent the Frogtape worked on this project. I’ve only really used it on walls before. But the lines were CRISP! There were two tiny areas to touch up, where the paint bled once the tape was off. But luckily I hadn’t been on the gin the night before and I managed to do this by hand.


Hot date with the Valspar Clear Sealer in the garden. You can see some of the brush marks here but after three coats it has a nice, even finish with a subtle satin sheen. And here she is, my mid-century modern geometric desktop in full force back in her natural habitat. The home-office.

Geometric Desk Top

Geometric Desk Top

I think she looks pretty 80′s. Can’t quite put my finger on what it’s reminding me of.

Geometric Desk Top

Am pretty chuffed with that. It’s only cost me about £20 in materials and i’ve done it over the space of a couple of days. This would look great as a feature wall too. If you are interested in having something similar on a wall or a piece of furniture, contact me for some chats.

A few weeks later… I was lucky enough to be featured on Ikea Hackers for my little home office make-over. Whoohoo! Click on the logo to read all about it.

Ikea Hacker

12/06/15 – UPDATE – I decided that the shelf also needed a little something too. I wrote about that over here.


  1. Pea says

    Hi! I love your desk!
    How have you attached the metal drawers to the table top though? And with the wheels doesn’t the whole unit moves? Thanks for replying!

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